Grumak the Skullcrusher

Grumak the Skullcrusher was a powerful Goblin champion and the grandsire of Gordak the Merciless.

During the War of Sorrows in 575/3, Grumak led his goblin army in a siege of the dwarf-city of Thürgen Feyr. In 592/3, After seventeen bloody years of siege, Grumak breached the walls of the city, killed King Khargan the Luckless of the Krandåhk Clan, and plundered the Elatir from the captured city.

In 652/3, Grumak was tracked down and slain in single combat with the dwarvish hero Celathor the Avenger and the Elatir of Thürgen Feyr was rightfully returned. After Grumak’s death, the armies of the orcs and goblins were thrown into disarray and by 655/3, they were totally defeated at the fateful Battle of Khonë Valley.

Today; for his exploits in the War of Sorrows and his capture of both Thürgen Feyr and its Elatir; all goblins consider Grumak their greatest hero.