Veiled Society Guildhalls

In every major city on Corwyn, there can be found a towering, ubiquitous stone building of simple architecture. The only unusual sigils found on these outwardly-unimpressive structures are a small pentagram etched into the front doorway and a fluttering black and blue banner hanging from the rafters. But make no mistake, these modest structures are the local headquarters for the Veiled Society; the most powerful Wizard guild ever seen on Corwyn.

Within each Guildhall, the Society conducts many of its daily operations. Here, Magisters recruit and train new apprentices, the society conducts secret meetings and does business with its outside allies, and conduct advanced magical research on a large variety of topics. The Guildhalls also serve as a place of sanctuary against enemies and a base of wizard operations.

Stocked with arcane and alchemical laboratories, vast libraries of tomes and scrolls, and repositories of magic items, the Halls have to be well protected against intruders. The halls also contain teleportation portals that allow Magisters instantaneous travel from city to city, Scrying Chambers for viewing faraway events, and impregnable vaults for protecting magical treasures.

The Halls have another, darker purpose. They contain cells for prisoners of the Society; those "Anarchists" who have defied the age-old magical laws of the Edict of Marquand. Other cells hold strange, magical beasts, captured and brought there from other regions, other planes, and even other worlds, by the Society for study and amusement.

It is not uncommon for several scouts and rangers to be housed here in one of the many private bedchambers on the upper level. The Veiled Society uses many such rogues and spies to keep track of the movements of independent wizards and those others it feels may be a "threat." Also housed within every Hall are a squad of Inquisitors; the military enforcement arm of the Society.

Although there are over two-hundred smaller halls located in rural areas and small independent settlements; the 42 largest and most well-known Veiled Society Guildhalls are as follows: Alarë, Alenthas, Amara, Anderlyn, Ashara, Atharavon, Carillon, Chelstad, Coldhaven, Cymereth, Derilath, Durfast, Eldarand, Elsareth, Freeport, Gresham, Herath, Holt, Ilnavar, Janos-Mol, Kelburn, Kholis, Khorlanis, Krylnath, Marigold, Morathad, Natharos, Olthad, Ordana, Ormath, Pike's Ferry, Renford, Rilsavar, Rin Falar, Sarkosa, Seaforth, Southcliff, Tharnia, Tymor, Varistan, Westfall, and Wyn Falas.