Gwynnett Dynasty

The Gwynnett Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Gayorg.

This infamous family ruled the Kingdom of Rhodara, and later, the Kingdom of Gwynne.

Gayorg assumed the Granite Throne of Rhodara in the year 1264/4, after the death of King Radovan Mallistäer II during the battle of Flint Harbor.

The Gwyhare family was obsessed with wealth, power, and glory.


The ancient House of Gwynnett is one of the oldest and proudest Thannish families on Corwyn, having its origins in a stronghold built in the Modran Hills region of Gwynne called Gwyn-Haro.

Under Gareth Gwynnett, this family established the Barony of Ghastonne in the late Third Age, after driving out all local Ashanti tribes in the region.

Gareth conquered the Ashanti settlement of A'shorah and it became known as "Ashara." The Barony encompassed much of what would one day become the Kingdom of Gwynne.

Within less than 200 years, the Barony of Ghastonne was absorbed into the Kingdom of Valdor, after Gillam the Kneeler surrendered to Valden the Conqueror.

The Gwynnett family always chafed under the rule of Valden. Legend has it; it was Gillam who introduced King Valden to Naomi Mallistäer, the woman who would give birth to the King's bastard and trigger the Twilight War.

After the Kingdom of Valdor collapsed, the Gwynnetts continued their scheming ways at the royal court of Rhodara.

Over the centuries, the family became a political powerhouse, playing the role of king-makers, and constantly scheming behind the scenes.

It is said, the Gwynnett family long yearned for the day they would sit upon the Granite Throne, which they strongly felt was theirs by right.

Rule over the Kingdom of Rhodara

The Gwynnett family ruled Rhodara for 25 years and only a single monarch sat on the Granite Throne at Ashara.

The only Gwynnett monarch of Rhodara; the "Mad-King" Gayorg, began to worship sorcery, went insane, and attacked the kingdoms of Orel and Eldara in 1283/4, starting the War of Annexation.

When Gayorg was slain at the Battle of Keslyn in 1289/4, the remaining family members fled east to form a new kingdom called "Gwynne, " ruled by King Gavin Gwynnett.

Over the next 633 years, a total of twenty-nine members of this family sat upon the Gwynnish Crimson Throne at Castle Manticore, although most of its monarchs were titled Regents under the rule of the Ravinian Empire, because Gwynne was conquered by the Empire in 43/5 for its role in the Unification Wars. It remained an Imperial protectorate until the War of the Cataclysm.

The Gwynnett Dynasty finally ended in 625/5 when King Galen was slain during the Battle of Harkalad.

The Gwynnetts were succeeded on the Crimson Throne by King Garth Baldurin.

The Rulers of House Gwynnett


Gavin 1289-1297/4, 1-22/5
Gorthon 22-45/5 †
Gayorg II 45-75/5
Gheren 75-96/5 †
Garth 96-122/5
Grenn II 122-148/5
Garrett 148-164/5 †
Grenthar 164-197/5
Glendan 197-209/5 †
Garathon 209-231/5
Goran 231-266/5
Gayorg III 266-269/5 †
Gregor 269-291/5
Martia 291-308/5
Gorthon II 308-326/5
Gerard 326-351/5 †
Gheren II 351-379/5
Gerold 379-402/5
Grenn II 402-422/5 †
Gorthon III 427-430/5 †
Demetria 430-460/5
Gheren III 460-487/5
Gerard II 487-511/5
Isobel 511-538/5
Garathon II 538-559/5 †
Garik 559-580/5 †
Grendel 580-583/5 †
Goran II 583-610/5 †
Galen 610-625/5 †