King Hagar Del Vecchio II

(Born. 1229/4, Died. 1257/4) King Hagar Del Vecchio II was final ruler of Eldara from his Dynasty.

Hagar assumed the Amethyst Throne in 1246/4 after his father; Agathar III died from a terrible stroke.

The death of his father led directly to the Oramar nobility breaking away away from the kingdom in open revolt. The young king, who was only seventeen years old at his coronation, did not have the wisdom or patience of his father; King Agathar III.

When the Second Eldaran Civil War began, Hagar was a young, brash king. He was no match for his opponent in the rebellion; Duke Rygar Alesard; a seasoned veteran warrior and politician. Throughout the war, Rygar's forces thwarted the loyalist forces at every turn, culminating in a humiliating defeat of Hagar and his army at the Battle of Stonehedge in 1248/4.

At that battle, the loyalist army was routed and King Hagar himself was captured by Rygar's soldiers. Rygar's terms were gracious, considering the circumstances, and the young king had no choice but to agree to them and allow Orel to become a separate kingdom. King Hagar was ransomed and released in 1248/6 and returned to Eldarand as the king of a smaller and poorer Eldara.

Unfortunately, King Hagar only had eight short years of peace after the war with Orel, when his country came under attack once again. This time, the threat was the hated Vilzari. In the year 1256/4, led by Alzakar K’Noth, the Southrons began a series of invasions called the Incursion Wars.

Hagar had to swallow his pride and request military aid from his former enemy, King Rygar Alesard. Together with the forces of Orel and Alveron, the Vilzari were kept at bay. Hagar himself was slain in a Vilzari ambush in the year 1257/4, during the early days of the Incursion Wars and the Del Vecchio Dynasty came to a bitter end.

King Hagar was only 29 years old at his death, and his youth and inexperience may very well have killed him. During the Incursion Wars, Hagar and his forces had pursued the Vilzari raiding forces across the countryside.

Upon learning of a Vilzari raiding party near his camp, the young king rode out to attack them—against the advice of all his councilors.

But it was a clever ruse. A group of experienced Vilzari mercenaries were waiting for him and his small company of soldiers in a well prepared ambush along a tree-lined road. The young king and all his soldiers were killed without mercy in a brief one-sided battle.

The Vilzari not only killed the King Hagar, but they captured his sword and took it back to the city of An-Khara as a war prize.

King Hagar had no offspring; He was succeeded on the Amethyst Throne by his uncle Dareon Arellani; his father's brother in law.