The Hakeen

The Hakeen are a human ethnic group that make up a majority of the population of the City-State of Zhin, as well as three very large island sultanates found in the Vhan Myr: Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr.

The ancient Hakeen people established and ruled some of Oris' most powerful historical human empires, specifically on the Continents of Corwyn and Za'har. The Hakeen are well-recognized for their massive cultural, political, and social influence covering much of the territory and population of the ancient world.

The Hakeen share a common cultural system and all of their people speak a language called Haak. Today, most Hakeen people found in far eastern Corwyn.

Most, but not all, Hakeen on Corwyn have long been enslaved by the Üthrari people. The largest independent Hakeen settlement on Corwyn, and the only one to successfully resist Üthrari conquest, is the modern City-State of Zhin, located on the Eastern coast. Also, the Hakeen civilization thrives in three great Island realms located deep in the Vhan Myr. These three Hakeen Sultanates; Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr, have gained enormous wealth and power from trade and commerce. Today, their political and commercial influence is felt across the known world.



Hakeen men and women have varying shades of light to dark brown skin, black or brown hair, and brown, green or hazel eyes. Some Hakeen people have almond shaped eyes as well.


Common Hakeen names include: Aramos, Dimos, Jakir, Mayadi, Nolo, Othas, Olos, and Zolos.


Long ago, the Hakeen people originated from tribes on Za'har. They banded together and formed the ancient civilization of Old Xhola; one of the oldest humans kingdom in the known world. Eventually, the Hakeen expanded across the Vhan Myr and colonized three islands chains that would someday become the Sultanates of Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr. The Hakeen also sailed their ships west to the shores of Corwyn from their three island realms, and once there, the Hakeen explorers founded the great Xholar Empire.

Once on the shores of East Corwyn, the Hakeen soon expanded and established a large, thriving civilization throughout the Vakara Grasslands. Long ago, this great civilization was eventually destroyed by the conquering tribes of the barbaric Üthrari. Before the destruction of their civilization, the Hakeen had a rich culture, with beautiful artwork, crafts, and architecture. Only the ruins of their cities of Ashkavan and Zocolo give testament to their once proud empire on the continent of Corwyn.

Even with the loss of the Hakeen empire on the Continent of Corwyn, the three Hakeen island civilizations in the Vhan Myr are still thriving today.