Halberon Dynasty

The Halberon Dynasty was a line of Vaas rulers descended from Heremmer, who overthrew the Orsini Dynasty in the year 423/6, after slaying King Estris Orsini II at the Battle of Crittendon.

The House of Halberon ruled Erindar for a short 149 years and only six monarchs sat on the Ivory Throne at Castle Halberon (formerly the Cordova Palace).

The dynasty ended in 572/6 when King Hernled died at age 21 from a rare illness. It was succeeded by King Harkon Esuriväe, whose descendants still rule Erindar today.

The Halberon monarchs of Erindar

Heremmer 423-460/6
Hommen 460-487/6 †
Elvara 487-508/6
Cordova 508-531/6
Horvath 531-569/6
Hernled 569-572/6