Hamanids were senior administrative officials of the lost Eloysian Empire; appointed by the Emperors in Sanjakar to govern its many conquered territories.

Because of the vast geographical distance involved in the Eloysian Empire, The Hamanids wielded enormous powers with almost complete local autonomy from the Jade Throne in Sanjakar.

The Hamanids were appointed directly by the Eloysian Emperors, so there was much political favoritism and nepotism involved. Most Hamanids were Eloysian, although a few were Rakshasa.

Early on, all Imperial Hamanids were trained in diplomacy, government, and languages at the Prestige Academies of Garuda, but as the Empire became more politically corrupt, nepotism and political favoritism became the norm, rather than administrative bureaucratic skills.

Later on, the Eloysian Emperors designated the Hamanids into one of three ranks: Emir, Shah, or Caliph.