Hansafar Dynasty

The Hansafar Dynasty is the current royal family of Serathyr.

The House of Hansafar is descended from King Damron, who assumed rulership of the Kingdom in the year 695/6, after the death of King Arondel Sinclair during the Battle of Alordan.

This illustrious family has ruled the kingdom for 552 years and a total of twenty-two monarchs have sat upon the Dragon Throne at Iron Crown Keep.

The current monarch is King Doran II.

The Hansafar Rulers of Serathyr

Damron 695-724/6
Daradan 725-755/6 †
Doreena 755-769/6
Draco 769-798/6
Ghasghal 798-830/6
Durendil 830-866/6
Dareon 866-882/6
Durendil II 882-906/6
Dameon 906-938/6
Dyanna 938-944/6 †
Damron II 944-979/6
Marco 979-1004/6
Durand 1004-1011/6 †
Viktor II 1011-1043/6
Daradan II 1043-1074/6
Rheyenne 1074-1097/6
Doran 1097-1123/6 †
Dareon II 1123-1151/6
Amarei 1151-1176/6
Draco II 1176-1201/6
Damron III 1201-1225/6
Doran II 1225/6 -present