Battle of Harkalad

Harkalad was the site of the bloodiest battle in Corwyn’s history, which ended the War of the Cataclysm.

The battle took place in 625/5, between the Third Alliance and the armies of Sorimmar and his allies. This terrible battle was the largest and costliest in Corwyn’s history, and ended in a pyrrhic victory for the West. During the course of the vicious fighting, both the opposing armies were nearly annihilated by either the sword, or powerful magicks unleashed by opposing wizards. Of the 350,000 soldiers on both sides that took part, over 300,000 were slain in three days and nights of savage fighting.

During the battle, King Elrovar Myrnäe III of Alveron slew Malachar the traitor-knight and cut the Orenthir from Sorimmar’s hand, recovering it for the West. The battle’s cost was very high, in that the alliance did not have the willpower or resources to rebuild the shattered Empire, Elrovar was forced to discard the Orenthir into the Falls of Herthmar, and was himself slain by the Zûl after doing so, and the eastern half of the Empire was so badly ravaged that it soon fell into anarchy.

Today, all that exists of the battlefield is a small village of the same name, and the fields nearby where so many warriors fell. The area surrounding the village is called the ‘Hallowed Fields.’ Also nearby are the ancient ruins of the castle of Erôn-Durath which was completely destroyed during the battle and never rebuilt.

Many kings were slain during this battle:

In addition, seven members of the Council of Sorcerë were slain during the Battle: