Duke Harkon Halberon

Harkon Halberon was a honorable nobleman from Erindar who ruled the Duchy of Herrondale under the reign of King Eduard Orsini. Harkon was the father of the Erindari future King Heremmer.

When Duke Avery Trask of Daggerford used his influence at court to falsely accuse Harkon of the crime of disloyalty; Harkon rode to the Royal Court at the Cordova Palace in Chelstad to argue his position before King Eduard. Harkon was a skilled orator and a very wise man. His arguments showed Avery's charges to be utterly false and that King Eduard was complicit in bringing those false charges. This humiliation of the King, before his own court, led to Harkon's immediate arrest and execution.

Harkon's death sparked the bloody Halberon Uprising of 404/6.