Lost Kingdom of Harloch

Harloch was an early Vaas kingdom that once ruled over the Eastvale region of Corwyn. Today, its territory is encompassed by the theocracy of Derianor.

The Kingdom of Harloch was founded in the year 325/4 by Queen Elsareth Van Arden. The capital of this kingdom was the city called "Amhorst," which was later re-named Elsareth. Harloch thrived for many years, but was later beset by several uprisings and invasions by neighboring barbarian tribes coming out of the Wildlands. In the year 763/4, a particularly savage group of Barbarians called the Ravagers, led by Garthold; their chieftain, finally overthrew the kingdom and slaughtered most of its people.

After the collapse of Harloch in 763/4, the Eastvale region remained ungoverned for centuries, before it became part of the Freehold of Dorada.

The rulers of Harloch were spiritual people, and open to visitors. it was this open attitude that allowed, Adleroth Penrose to settle in the region, and eventually found the Freehold of Dorada. This freehold became a close ally of Harloch for many years, and after the collapse of the kingdom in 1037/4, Dorada moved its capitol to the ruined city of Elsareth.