King Haskanar Durthas "The Bold"

(795-1103/3) Haskanar Durthas; known as "The Bold," was a great Dwarven hero who founded the Dwarf-Realm of Kronar in the year 987/3.

In 967/3, Haskanar of the Durthas Clan was already well-known among the dwarves of Orrek as a fierce warrior and the respected leader of the Durthas Clan. As a reward for his long service, Haskanar was chosen by his cousin, the King of Orrek; Relgathor Kronehelm, to lead a great expedition to the Salakrün Mountains (also called the "Snowcrowns"). The purpose of this mission was to fulfill the dreams of every northern dwarf since the tragic end of Khûrzhad; to conquer the Snowcrowns and establish a fifth, new dwarven colony there.

None of the dwarves believed for a minute that the mission would be easy, as dwarven scouts had already reported back that the Snowcrowns were literally infested with orcs and goblins. But that didn't stop Haskanar. He was determined to bring honor to his folk, his clan, and his name. Haskanar soon organized his entire Durthas Clan on the great expedition. It took many months for the dwarves to march to the foothills of the Snowcrowns, and once there, the challenges only grew.

For twenty years, Haskanar and his fellow dwarves burrowed deep into the Snowcrown Mts, constantly battling orcs and goblins along the way. The campaign to conquer the mountains and drive out the goblins took twenty years and cost many dwarven lives. Finally, Haskanar and his followers completed their twenty-year campaign successfully, as the last of the orcs and goblins tribes were defeated and driven out after the battle of Morovar.

With the final defeat of the goblins, Haskanar and his clan claimed the Snowcrowns for themselves, they called their new realm "Kronar." When news of the victory reached king Relgathor back in Crôm Feyr, he was so over-joyed he immediately anointed Haskanar as the first Dwarf-King of Kronar, and decreed Kronar the first colony of Orrek.

King Relgathor believed that Kronar would always be a colony of Orrek, but King Haskanar predicted it would someday became much more. He turned out to be more right than he knew.