King Hatharon Lombard II
Reign: 1237/6–present
Coronation: 25 Klarmont 1237/6
Predecessor: Heremmer III
Heir apparent: Prince Harkon
Spouse: Queen Krianna
Issue: Horvath
Issue: Hama
House: Lombard Dynasty
Born: 02 Ambyrmont 1170/6
Religion: Lehr

Hatharon Lombard II is the current ruler of the Vaas Kingdom of Erindar.

As the twenty-third ruler from the long and distinguished Lombard Dynasty, Hatharon assumed the Ivory Throne in the year 1237/6.

Since that time, he has been a well-loved and respected ruler of Erindar, and remains one of the most influential political figures on Corwyn today.

When King Hatharon was only 17 years old, he became famous for his heroism at the Battle of Emridy Meadows in 1187/4, where he fought alongside his father King Heremmer III.