The Heartlands

Geographic region of Corwyn that comprise the southeast corner of the West; east from the base of the Salakrün Mountains, west to the great Melinar Forest, then south to the Kerak, and north to the edge of the southernmost moors of Alveron. The region’s name derives from the fact that it is the most heavily populated and richly fertile region of the West. The Heartlands is comprised of the political realms of Eldara, Gwynne, Orel, and as well as the freeholds of Taraghon and Trevalia. The region is populated mainly by the race of men known as the Thann. The Heartlands are heavily populated and fiercely disputed by their inhabitants. The region has seen dozens of wars and border skirmishes in its history, and the local people have suffered great tragedies on many occasions. It is said that the folk of this region, known collectively as ‘Heartlanders,’ are a proud and sometimes arrogant people, who are mistrustful of outsiders. Maybe that is a necessity, for the Heartlands are quite surrounded by hostile populations who envy the rich and fertile lands for their own. The Heartlands are bordered on north by the Borderlands, the Moorlands and the Salakrün Mountains, on the south by the Myr Gelyn Desert, on the east by the Knifewood, Ravenwood, and Üthrar, and on the west by the Melinar Forest.