Battle of Heath's Dike

(1287/4) Heath's Dike was the site of a bloody battle during the War of Annexation.

It was at this crucial battle that a large army of over 70,000 men led by the Mad-King was defeated by the much smaller army of only 20,000 Eldarans led by King Dareon Arellani and 12,000 Orellians led by King Robar Alesard. the battle marked a turning point in the War of Annexation and the beginning of the end for the Mad-King.

Gayorg's force was composed of 40,000 Rhodarans, 15,000 Thûlians, and 15,000 hired mercenaries, including the famous Kreskan Archers. Despite the size of his forces, Gayorg was a poor commander and refused to listen to his generals. He even had a Kreskan commander executed for openly arguing with him over strategy at a war council. As a result, it is said that the Kreskan archers intentionally aimed poorly, for their impact on the battle was insignificant.

When the battle started to turn badly for Gayorg, his mercenary and Thûlian forces quickly withdrew and most of those soldiers who remained were slaughtered by the Eldaran and Orellian forces. After this important victory, the Rhodarans had to abandon their siege on the city of Ordana, which bought King Robar Alesard enough time to travel to Astrakan and beseech Elf-King Alzeraf of Melinarë forhis aid.

Soon thereafter, the High-Elves and the men of Alveron sent their forces to Orel's aid. Within two years of this crucial battle; King Gayorg was slain and the kingdom of Rhodara defeated at the Battle of Keslyn.