Hellfire Mountains

The Hellfire Mountains are a massive, volcanic range located in northern Azoria

The mountains serve as a boundary between the desert nation of Vilzar and the vast Sanjaara Jungle.

Within these treacherous mountains is the famed Sky-Valley; home to the Republic of Kendar.

Also located in the western foothills of these mountains are the cities of Shard, Sasserine and Caldera.

The lowlands south and west of the Hellfire range are known as the Rockdale region of Azoria.

As the Hellfire Mountains stretch east across Azoria, they merge with the gigantic Sha'Dur Mountains. Because of thier sheer size, the mountains are a virtually impassable barrier

The An-Arak Grasslands run along the northern edge of these towering mountains, and the Sanjaara Jungle borders its southern edge.

Because of its important strategic location, Kendar long ago fortified both the northern and southern passages through these mountains to protect both entrances to the Sky-Valley..

In its far-northern foothills, the massive fortress of Castle Defiant guards the passage leading to the great desert of the Sea of Sand.

The equally imposing fortress of Ironspike guards the only known southern passage, which leads to the Rockdale region and its neighboring jungle.

In the midst of this range, atop some of its highest peaks, lie the Kendari cities of Dragonsbluff and Highspire.