(population: 37,000) Herath is a bustling seaport and the fourth largest city in the kingdom of Cyrendar. This city is located in the far southern region of the Westvale, along the coast of the Iron Sea.

Herath has a long, dark history; during the Iskari Civil War, the city was the citadel of the Duchy of Hennara, which under Duke Varek Bracken and three other powerful Iskari nobles, attempted to usurp the Onyx Throne. This resulted in a twenty-year bloody civil war in which Hennara was defeated and the noble house of Bracken was destroyed. The Noble House of Coradan then assumed ruler-ship over the city and its surrounding territories.

The city of Herath is accessible via the Hennara Road which connects it to the city of Eryth, but most visitors come by ship into its deep harbor.

Herath is currently governed by Duke Izrin Coradan.