High Road

Road that leads east from the dwarven city of Arkan Feyr through the Barrens to the seaport of Northam, where there is a ferry across Dragon Sound to the coastal village of Coldhaven. From there, the High Road leads east again to the fortress of Athos-Sorel; where it intersects the Herthmar Road running between Norethë and Atharavon, and the North Road leading northeast to Cold Mountain Keep. After this junction, the High Road then continues east to the city of Amara.

The road was built in the Fourth Age partially by Dwarves of Orrek on the western segment up to the coast of Dragon Sound. The eastern segment was built by the former kingdom of Amar, and is now maintained by the kingdom of Ammarind. The road is paved with crushed white stones and is in excellent condition today.