Region of mountainous terrain, filled with jagged hills, rocky outcroppings, and steep, treacherous valleys. The Highlands region southern borders are The Withered Mountains, the Cairn Mountains, and the kingdom of Erindar. The Highlands run north all the way to the coast of the Myr Thalal. Its western border is the Eldir Vaas River and its eastern border is the Anglarand River. The Highlands, as expected, contains several large mountain ranges and hilly regions. The largest mountain ranges are the: Axehead Mountains, Crumbling Mountains, Grey Mountains, Swordpoint Mountains, and Withered Mountains. In addition are large hilly areas and vast open rocky plains in between. The Highlands region of the West is home to several separate and distinct regions. The major political divisions of the Highlands consist of the kingdoms of Elyria, Derianor, Erindar, and Orrek. In addition there are several large geographic sub-regions of the Highlands that are not controlled by a single political entity. These are the Barrens, the Greenwood, the Vast, and the Wildlands. The Highlands are home to four powerful freeholds as well. These are freeholds of Arkadia, located in the Narchion Valley border region between the realms of Derianor and Elyria, west of the Almyron Sea, the freehold of Grüenwald, located in the Perdion Valley border region between the realms of Derianor and Elyria, east of the Almyron Sea, the freehold of Lakewood, located around a high-altitude body of mountain water known as the Nolar Vaas in the region known as the Vast, and finally, the freehold of Norwald, located in the foothills between the two major branches of the Eldir Vaas River in the Wildlands region of Corwyn.