Freehold of Hintersham

Capitol: Hiram (population 8,000)
Population: 63,000 (96% Adari, 1% Gauth, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 6,000 (52% dwarves, 3% elves, 17% halflings, 28% gnomes)
Humanoids: many (mostly orcs)
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Baroness Malifania Van Hinters. (CE 5th level aristocrat/4th level sorcerer)
Coat of Arms: a black dragon on a dark red field.
Exports: iron, gems, timber, wool

Hintersham is a large Adari freehold, located in a secluded northern valley of the Salakrün Mountains, near the southern edge of the Kûrloth Marshes. The freehold is ruled by an evil Baroness, and allied with Sorimmar, and only has semi-independence in return for complete loyalty to the Dark Lord. The leaders of the freehold patrol the northern approaches to Waymeet Pass, and warn the Dark Lord of any intruders from the south into his lands. The treacherous Ansilay Road between the realms of Morgoth and Gwynne runs through Waymeet pass and directly through this freehold. Baron Van Hinters was originally an Adari noble who served the Dark Lord and was rewarded with his own domain to rule. The freehold controls the northern approaches to the Salakrün Mountains and borders the Gwynnish freehold of Trevalia. For protection, the freehold can muster a strong force of 500 infantry and 200 cavalry, most of which are mercenaries.