History of Barovia

Strahd von Zarovich grew up as a royal prince—the son of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia of Dobruja. Much of his early life was peaceful until Dobruja was invaded by the Tergan Empire. His father was subsequently killed in battle with the invaders, and the defense of Dobruja fell upon young Prince Strahd

Strahd fought in many long campaigns against the hated Tergs, which were called "Crusades." He and his army cornered the last of these enemies in a remote mountain valley before slay­ing them all. Strahd then named the valley Barovia, after his deceased father, and was so struck by its scenic beauty that he decided to settle there.

Long before Strahd's arrival here, the Valley was populated by a people known as the "Svali-achem;" an old word for “savage.” Today, they are simply called "Svalich." As time went by, various tribes of these folk established several small villages in the valley. These settlements were tiny, each home to no more than a handful of families living in makeshift huts. In time, four major settlements arose. Though they were known by other names, now forgotten, these settlements were the precursors to the present-day towns located here. Today, they are the villages of Barovia, Vallaki, Kresk, and Berez.

In his travels throughout the region, Strahd discovered the ruins of an ancient Svalich fort, built atop a great towering slab of rock overlooking the entire valley. He chose this site to build his own fortress, which still exits today.