(population: 33,000) Located along the southern banks of the Amari River, Holt is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Alveron.

Because of its location in far-western Alveron, Holt has historically been a Rynnish safe haven, and has never been assailed by any foe. The city currently serves as a military reserve for the forces of eastern Alveron.

The fortress of Tregard Keep is located near the city, and serves to house western garrisons of the Rynnish army. The city also engages in heavy river trade with the Amari folk via the Amari River. There is also some minor caravan traffic between Arkan Feyr and the city, but the route thru the Vast is long and dangerous, making it almost unprofitable. Most trade is carried along by River barge.

The city of Holt is accessible via two major roads. First, the Kingsway; which runs east to Alenthas, and west to Marigold. Second, the Herthmar Road; which runs north to the ruins of ErĂ´n-Durath, the hallowed fields of Harkalad, and the Amari city of Atharavon.

Holt is currently ruled by Duke Harwin Kofaro.