(Pop:550) Hommlet is a small, rural village, located at a crossroads within the Barrens.

The village is situated about halfway between the Free City of Redmark and the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil.


Hommlet grew from a few farms, a rest house, and a smithy. The roads brought a sufficient number of travelers and merchant wagons to attract tradesmen and artisans to serve those passing through.

The rest house became a thriving inn, a wheel and wainwright settled in the small hamlet, followed by more herdsmen and farmers. For grain was needed for the passing animals and meat was in demand for the inn's visitors. Prosperity was great, the for the local Baron was mild and taxed his folk only a little. Trade was good and the region was untroubled by wars, outlaws, or ravaging beasts.

That tranquility did not last. Some say the evil first came out of the north, others claim it crept up from the neighboring forests to the west. Whatever the origin, the region was soon beset by dark forces. At first, it was only a few thieves and brigands molesting travelling caravans. Then came small bands of goblins, raiding livestock and attacking outlying farms.

The evil increasingly became centered around a small group of hovels less than 10 miles distant, a decrepit settlement called "Nulb." It was near there a wicked cleric established a temple to some Dark God. Over a period of three years the temple grew and the evil infesting the region grew right along with it. The Temple grew in its terrible reputation and acquired a sinister name: the "Temple of Elemental Evil."

Finally, 60 years ago, the local nobility had seen enough, and the forces of good gathered their armies and marched on the Temple. A great Battle was fought at Emridy Meadows, and the followers of the temple were utterly defeated, and the temple was then pulled down and the ground sanctified.

It was only a few months ago that bandits began to appear on the roads again, and hooded figures were seen moving about rural areas in the dead of night. This seemed all too familiar to the handful of village elders old enough to remember the troubles of yesteryear. Who these men are and their purpose remains a mystery.


1. Cottage
2. home of Elmo; Militia Captain
3. Cottage
4. Cottage
5. Cottage
6. Leather-worker's Shop
7. the Welcome Wench (innkeep is Ostler)
8. Blacksmith (Smythe)
9. Village Hall
10. Cottage
11. Cottage
12. Cottage
13. Trading Post (owners; Rannos & Gremag)
14. Cartwright's shop
15. Money-changer (Nira)
16. Cabinet-mker
17. Cottage
18. Brew-master
19. Cottage
20. Temple to Karmalok (Calmert)
21. Cottage
22. The Mill (Mytch)
23. Cottage
24. The Druid Grove (Jaro)
25. Cottage
26. Wainwright's shop
27. Manor House (Mayor Willowby)
28. Carpenter's Shop
29. Stonemason's shop
30. earthworks
31. Tower Keep (home of Rufus & Burne)