House Alessarë

(pronunciation: Alice-Saar-ray) The House of Alessarë was a powerful ruling family of Elder-Elves who migrated to Corwyn from Eryn Norvë early in the First Age and founded the realm of Ectharë under King Elegheron in 306/1.

The Alessarë household expanded elvish dominion throughout the continent and successfully fought the race of dragons for its control, in the hard-fought War of the Dragons. When the War of Wrath began, the Alessarë family tried vainly to hold Ectharë together, but its last three rulers; Starion, Ismelian, and Talarion Brightstar were killed in that war and the great Elf-realm came to an end.

After the Elvish Civil War ended, the elves divided into three separate racial sub-groups, which became known as the High-Elves, the Wood-Elves, and the Grey-Elves. The Alessarë family then ruled the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë for many centuries under Queen Ariel, until around 1055/3, when King Ajathar Alessarë decided to leave Corwyn forever and return to Eryn Norvë. Because of the great longevity of the elvish race, only nine Elf-kings sat on the Eternal Throne of Ectharë, and only two sat on the Veiled Throne of Wyntharë. The House of Alessarë ruled Ectharë for its entire 6,263-year existence.

The Elven rulers of Ectharë from House Alessarë

Elegheron 306-1280/1
Andarion 1280-2066/1
Eskelion 2066-3010/1
Silvarion 3010-3752/1
Vetharion 3752-4427/1
Ainurion 4427-5028/1 †
Starion 5028/1, 1-537/2 †
Ismelian 537-1036/2 †
Talarion 1036-1541/2 †

The Elven ruler of Wyntharë from House Alessarë

Ariel 1-884/3
Ajathar 884/3 - circa 1000/3