House Azlaxin

The House of Azlaxin is a wealthy, aristocratic Ralani family which traces its lineage back to the Founders of Caldera, over seven centuries ago.

Khedric Azlaxin was one of five companions of Surabar the Spellmason, who helped him defeat the Demon-Lord Nabthatoron and paved the way for the founding of their city.

House Azlaxin Today

Khedric Azlaxin was Surabar's closest friend and companion, which makes the Azlaxin family first among firsts. They are a large and diverse clan, with various members displaying nearly all the traits of the other four families. Although, for the most part, Azlaxins are wise, cautious, and discreet. Senior Azlaxins have long served the city as honorable council members and impartial magistrates.

Many commoners in Caldera who find themselves in legal trouble, will sometimes refuse to accept the ruling of any Magistrate who isn't an Azlaxin.

The Azlaxin family crest is a red lion on gold field.

Current members of the Azlaxin family include: