House Caswell

The House of Caswell is a powerful Vaas family, hailing from the Varda Clan, which has ruled the city of Karthis for centuries

The founder of this noble family was Lord Devan Caswell, a close ally and loyal vassal of Erin Fremantle. As a reward for his loyalty, Lord Devan was granted both rule over the city of Karthis and the hand of Rowena Gildayne in marriage.

Afterward, House Gildayne was extinguished, and the Caswells have ruled over the city ever since.

Role in the Tunston Uprising

When the Tunston Uprising broke out, Lord Marly Caswell chose to ally himself with Furion Whitacre, and even assisted in the murders during the Night of the Red Knives. That loyalty he showed Furion was well-rewarded when Furion assumed the Darkwood Throne.

Present Day

Over the years, the Caswells have become increasingly powerful in Elyrian politics. Many observers consider this noble House the only genuine rival to the rule of the Whitacre Dynasty.

The current Patriarch of the family is Duke Loris Caswell.