House Elyrion

The House of Elyrion is a powerful noble family of High-Elves who have ruled the forest realm of Melinarë for over four millennia.

After the fall of Ectharë and the Sundering, the Elyrion family and many other elves migrated south and formed the great elvish forest realm of Melinarë.

House Elyrion has ruled the High-Elf community within the Melinar Forest for thousands of years, and continues to be the strongest line of elvish royalty on Corwyn.

Because of the great longevity of the elvish race, only eight Elf-kings have sat upon the Adamantine Throne in Astrakan over the last 4,353 years.

The Elven kings of Melinarë from the House of Elyrion

Meleraf 1-252/3 †
Alzeraf 252-755/3
Anseraf 755-1179/3 †
Ishvalen 1179/3, 1-725/4
Gildan 725-1297/4 †
Azarion 1297/4, 1-625/5 †
Eltheraf 625-630/5,1-674/6 †
Generaf 674/6-present