House of Elyrion

The House of Elyrion was an ancient Vaas family, of which Queen Elwyn Fremantle was a famous member.

This ancient family, which hailed from the Varda Clan, originated in the foothills of the Purple Mountains, where they established the Barony of Elyrion on the northern shores of the Sea of Alyr; which is named for their family. In fact, the name ‘Alyr’ is old Vaasi for ‘Elyr,’ which is short for Elyrion.

Over the centuries, the Lords of Elyrion grew increasingly powerful and politically influential in the Kingdom of Erindar. House Elyrion eventually became closely allied with the royal Fremantle family.

By the year 600 of the Fifth Age, Lady Elwyn; the beautiful daughter of Lord Edgerd Elyrion, was married to young Prince Erin Fremantle. Their marriage was short, however, as a few years after Erin became King, he was killed in the Battle of Harkalad. At that point Elwyn was named Queen of Erindar; a position she would not hold very long.

The kingdom of Elyria is named for this noble family.