House Gildayne

The House of Gildayne was an ancient Vaas family, hailing from the Varda Clan, which ruled the city-state of Karthis, after leading an uprising to free the city from the Iskari occupation.

The founder of House Gildayne was King Magnus Gildayne, who is widely considered one of the greatest Vaas heroes in history. Magnus is most famous for defeating the Iskari at the Battle of Vickers, which directly led to Iskandar's withdrawal from Corwyn and the end of the, so-called, "War of Terror."

Rulership of Karthis

In the year 853/4, the Iskari king Irovar II was killed at the epic battle of Vickers, and his army defeated.

This battle resulted in the Treaty of Gildayne, which formally ended the War of Terror, and led to a period of resurgence and prosperity for the city.

The defeat of the Iskari was largely credited to a Vaas champion named Magnus Gildayne, who was later anointed King of the newly-independent city-state of Karthis. The House of Gildayne continued to rule the city for many years.

Role in the War of the Pretender

The last ruler from House Gildayne was Willem, who was considered one of the greatest warriors of his day. He and his son rode against Alokkair at the Battle of the Dawn, Sadly both were slain; leaving his sister, Cordova Gildayne as the ruler of Karthis.

Even before the war, Cordova had been close with Lord Erin Fremantle, and the two had fallen in love. Erin promised to marry her upon his return from the wars against Alokkair's hordes. Sadly, he returned alone, with the bodies of his beloved's brother and nephew.

Erin kept his promise and married Cordova. the two formed a partnership that proved invaluable in the upcoming Wars of Destiny, which ended with the forging of a new kingdom called "Erindar.'