House of Gwyharë

The House of Gwyharë was an ancient Thannish noble family who conquered the eastern regions of the Heartlands in the late Third Age.

The first Patriarch of this family was Lord Gareth Gwyharë; who conquered the eastern Heartlands, captured the city of Ashara and formed the Barony of Ghastonne.

Gareth also ordered the Ashanti temple of Myra-kur demolished and upon its foundations, constructed the magnificent Castle Myrkur in the center of Ashara.

The Gwyharë family continued to rule the Barony for nearly 250 years until the final campaigns of Valden the Conqueror, who conquered the Barony and took over the eastern city of Ashara in the year 1131/3.

At that point Gillam Gwyharë; known derisively as "Gillam the Kneeler," bent the knee and the Barony of Ghastonne became part of the newly established Kingdom of Valdor.


For centuries, the Gwyharë family chafed with resentment after their territory was taken over by Valden the Conqueror and his House of Durethë. Although the family could not match the Durethë family in terms of military strength, they did gain much influence by inter-marriage.

In the year 1264/4, it was the infamous Duke Gayorg of this family that finally fulfilled the destiny of his House. He succeeded King Radovan, became King of Rhodara, and founded the Gwyharë Dynasty.


After the disastrous rule of the Mad-King; Rhodara was destroyed. Another member of the family; Grenn Gwyharë, managed to salvage the kingdom and re-named it in honor of his family. It still bears the name "Gwynne" today.