House Gwynnett

The House of Gwynnett was an ancient Thannish noble family infamous for its vanity, greed, and lust for power.

The history of the Gwynnett family stretches back into the late Third Age, when it first came to prominence in the Heartlands region of Corwyn.

The Barony of Ghastonne

In the late years of the Third Age, the Gwynnett family rose to power under an ambitious Modrani warlord named Gareth, who conquered the eastern Heartlands region after a long series of military campaigns. The family's ancestral home was the fortress of Gwyn-Haro.

Gareth's forces also captured, what is today, the city of Ashara, which later became the capital of the Barony of Ghastonne.

Gareth ordered the Ashanti temple of Myra-kur demolished and upon its foundations, began construction of a magnificent fortress, which he named "Castle Manticore."

The Gwynnetts continued to rule Ghastonne for nearly 250 years until the rise of Valden the Conqueror around 1100/3.

In the year 1133/3, the last Baron of Ghastonne, Gillam Gwynnett; known derisively as "Gillam the Kneeler," surrendered and the Barony was absorbed into the newly established Kingdom of Valdor.

Political Intrigue

Since the family could not match the House Del Vecchio in terms of military strength, they instead gained influence through political intrigue.

The best example of the family's use of deception for political gain was Naomi Mallistäer, and her affair with King Valden.

Naomi, a beautiful and seductive woman, was introduced to Valden by Lord Gillam, with the specific hopes that she would seduce the King and the affair would cause dissension within the Kingdom of Valdor.

When Naomi became pregnant with Valden's bastard son; Rhodan Mallistäer, the stage was set for political trouble.

Rule Over Rhodara

For centuries, the Gwynnett family chafed with resentment after their Barony was conquered by Valden the Conqueror.

In the year 1264/4, Gayorg Gwynnett finally fulfilled the destiny of his House. He succeeded King Radovan, became King of Rhodara, and founded the Gwynnett Dynasty. Gayorg was infamously known as the "Mad-King."

Rule Over Gwynne

After the disastrous rule of the Mad-King; the Kingdom of Rhodara was completely destroyed. Another member of the family; Gavin Gwynnett, managed to salvage the kingdom and renamed it in honor of his House. It still bears the name "Gwynne" today.