House of Kilborne

The House of Kilborne was an ancient Vaas noble family that founded the city-state of Redmark, under its first ruler; Margrave Hrothgar Kilborne.

After founding the city, the Kilbourne family continued to govern Redmark and its surrounding territory for many centuries. During those centuries, the cit ygrew from a small minind and farming settlement into an immense wealthy metropolis.

At the time of the Wars of Destiny during the early years of the Fifth Age, Redmark was ruled by Margrave Artemis Kilborne, who defeated Erin Fremantle and was therefore able to preserve the independence of his city. At the conclusion of that conflict, King Erin appointed Artemis "Margrave of Redmark," a title the family continued to carry for many years.

House Kilborne continued to rule the city of Redmark until the War of Succession; when their last Lord; Viscount Hayden Kilborne was betrayed and murdered by King Eldred Orsini, extinguishing his line forever.

Eldred then installed the terribly corrupt House of Brevoy in their place, and dark times came to the city of Redmark.