House Krasdan

The House of Krasdan was an ancient Vaas family which was founded by Lord Elias Krasdan.

As a loyal ally of Erin Fremantle, Elias fought beside him in the Wars of Destiny. As a reward, his family was granted control over the City of Rilsavar and "Castle Rilsavar;" which was re-named Castle Krasdan.

The noble Krasdan family was extinguished during the War of Succession, fighting on the side of Queen Elwyn Fremantle, and their family castle became her new home after the abdication and the founding of Elyria.

The last head of this family was Lord Hathrus Krasdan; who bequeathed his castle to his beloved Queen upon his deathbed. Hathrus had no children of his own and desired a legacy for his family name.