House of Liëflynne

The House of Liëflynne was the ruling family of the Wood-Elf realm of Thekarë.

This powerful family of Wood-Elves ruled the great elvish realm of Thekarë for 2,774 years, until Thekarë was destroyed by Alokkair in 1233/4. Because of the great longevity of the elvish race, only four Elf-kings sat upon the Oakheart Throne in Therakan.

The first Wood-Elf king of Thekarë was Ectharion; the second king was Valarion, the third was Arkelion, and the last Wood-Elf king of Thekarë was Anarion, who was slain in 1233/4, in the final assault upon the Wood-Elves.

The elven rulers of Thekarë from the House of Liëflynne

Ectharion 1-252/3 †
Valarion 252-940/3
Arkelion 940-1541/3, 1-251/4
Anarion 251-1233/4 †