House of Orsini

The House of Orsini is an ancient, Vaas noble family that originated from the Kingdom of Erindar. One branch of the family later became the infamous, corrupt Orsini Dynasty that ruled Erindar after Lord Eldred overthrew Queen Elwyn following the bloody War of Succession.

Nearly four centuries later, in the year 423/6; the Orsini family was itself overthrown by Lord Heremmer Halberon during the Halberon Uprising. This uprising culminated in the death of King Estris Orsini II; the last monarch of the dynasty.

The few surviving members of the extended Orsini family were soon exiled by the Halberon monarchy. Some settled east in Ammarind, others moved south to Serathyr.


The Family Today:

One branch of House Orsini which still survives today is the family of Arvos Orsini; a wealthy aristocrat who presently resides in the city of Saltmarsh.