House of Penrose

The House of Penrose is one of the oldest nobles families on Corwyn, and has the most dramatic history of any royal lineage.

The Penrose family began as ambitious nobles who controlled a vassal state in the ancient kingdom of Amar. In the year 210/4, King Osric Garigan of Amar, ordered Duke Elroth Penrose to lead a massive military expedition into the East and colonize the region. Elroth and his soldiers eventually conquered the area and it became a colony of Amar called Adar. Elroth was anointed as the first king of Adar in the year 232/4.

Over the centuries, Adar became increasingly corrupt and evil. Due to this situation, there was a schism in the family; one branch remained loyal to the Adari court, while a second group; led by Adleroth Penrose, challenged the evil practices of the king. As a result, Elroth and his followers were banished from Adar forever.

Adleroth and his group moved west, back to Amar. Unfortunately, they were not welcomed there either. Adleroth and his family kept moving further west into the Eastvale; part of the Highlands region of Corwyn.

Once there, Adleroth established a new independent settlement called Dorada; which he called a "Freehold." At first, the freehold had only one small settlement; Donareth.

The House of Penrose had two separate, ruling lines; the first was the Penrose Dynasty of the East. The Second were the line of the "Exiles;" those rulers who left Adar and settled in the Eastvale and ruled the Freehold of Dorada.

The "Exile" Rulers of Dorada are listed below:

  • Adleroth 599-627/4
  • Adlai 627-644/4
  • Azera 644-669/4
  • Shakyra 669-679/4
  • Sebastian 679-693/4
  • Adleroth II 693-722/4