House Pike

The House of Pike is considered the wealthiest and most politically influential family in the Kingdom of Elyria.

The family descends from Karston Pike; the founder of Pike's Ferry, and one of the oldest noble families on the Continent of Corwyn.

Karston's descendants have continued to rule their namesake city for millennia, and have become the wealthiest and most influential family in the entire Vaas nobility. The ancestral home of House Pike is a grand fortress called: "Pike's Tower."

Role in the Karthic Wars

Over its history, the Pike family had its share of controversies. It was Lord Cochran Pike who signed the infamous Iron Treaty, which triggered the Karthic Wars. This action has caused many of the Vaas to hate this family.

Role in the Wars of Destiny

At the time of the Wars of Destiny, the ruler of Pike's Ferry was Margrave Konrad Pike, who was later elevated to the rank of "Duke" by King Erin Fremantle, then given control over much of what is, today, western Elyria.


Role in the Tunston Uprising

The House of Pike played an important role in the Tunston Uprising of 1033/6. When Queen Vanessa Crannock died and her young son Corbray took the Darkwood Throne, several Elyrian vassals immediately challenged him. the strongest of these rebel lords was Silas Tunston. But behind Silas was another cunning aristocrat named Furion Whitacre who was secretly working both sides.

The Lord of Pike's Ferry at that time was Xander Pike; who threw his support to Tunston and secretly, also to Whitacre. After the Battle of Wendonford ended and Corbray was slain, the victorious vassals of Silas were invited to a banquet by Furion Whitacre.

Sensing a plot, Lord Xander said he was "too ill" to attend, and instead sent his regards. This saved him from the massacre that came to be known as the "Night of the Red Knives."

Once Furion assumed the Darkwood Throne, he was forced to maintain an uneasy truce with House Pike. Once again, the family came out in a safe and strong political position.

It remains a mystery today, whether Lord Pike was in on Furion's plot to murder Silas' vassal lords, or merely wise enough to suspect that it was coming. Either way, people commonly say, always extend a Pike an invite, for much shall be known by their response."

Recent Events

Recently, Duke Tristan Pike had seven daughters and no sons, his eldest daughter was Lorelei. Since his death seven years ago, she has ruled her family's namesake city. As is tradition in the Pike family, young Lorelei was taught about politics and power from an early age, and was a quick study. She learned the secret of Pike success; the family Philosophy or "Precepts of Pike," which has served her family so well for a thousand years.


  • Never tell anyone the real reason you did something unless it is useful to do so
  • Most people are basically selfish and evil; remember that and you will never be betrayed
  • The best way to handle people is to tell them what they want to hear
  • Anyone who completely trusts anyone else is a fool
  • Assume that all people have a vicious streak and it will come out when they are given a chance
  • Never reveal your true feelings about anything
  • Do more listening than speaking
  • Knowledge and political leverage are more useful than force of arms
  • The ends always justify the methods
  • All people who have succeeded in the world follow these precepts