House Redmond

The House of Redmond was an ancient, Cynaran family that ruled the Kingdom of Urland for more than 300 years.

The Redmond family first came to prominence when an ambitious warlord named Endacil conquered the Island of Cynara and united all of the Cynaran tribes under a single banner.

Endacil called his kingdom; "Urland," and it soon grew into a major power, controlling much of the Eastvale region of Corwyn, as well as the Island of Westvale.

For 325 years, fourteen generations of his family sat upon the Garnet Chair in the great hall of Erôn-Khorlöth.

Unfortunately for the Redmond family, in the year 1137/3 Ilnavel Cyrenäe landed at Wyn Falas with his 40,000 Iskari colonists. At that point,their fate was sealed.

Narmacil; the last King of Urland, fought against the Iskari invaders in the disastrous Forty-Years War, and was slain in the battle of Swanford. After that defeat, the kingdom of Urland was absorbed into the fledgling Iskari kingdom of Iskandar.

Today, the House of Redmond remains a powerful noble family loyal to the realm of Iskandar, and Castle Redmond stands as a legacy of the lost kingdom of Urland. The Redmonds have long ruled the Duchy of Kingsford.

The Rulers of Urland from House Redmond

Endacil 846-879/3
Arcil 879-901/3
Andar 901-915/3
Endacil II 915-925/3
Rendar 925-958/3
Athelred 958-985/3
Eglynd 985-1020/3
Marius 1020-1048/3
Egrayne 1048-1063/3
Andar II 1063-1071/3 †
Athelmar 1071-1097/3
Kristos 1097-1110/3
Elspeth 1110-1127/3
Narmacil 1127-1171/3 †