House Rilsav

The House of Rilsav was an ancient Vaas family, hailing from the Vryne Clan, which founded the Kingdom of Rilsavar in the Fourth Age.

The founder of the noble House of Rilsav was a fierce Warlord named Fergus Rilsav, who created a kingdom, centered around the settlement named after his family.

Ruler-ship of the Kingdom of Rilsavar

Fergus later crowned himself the first "King of Rilsavar," and for centuries, his family continued to rule the Kingdom from the fortress of Castle Rilsav, located in the city of Rilsavar. During this time, Rilsavar became a strong regional power.

Role in the Karthic Wars

The Rilsavs initially fought against the Iskari during the four Karthic Wars. But when the Fourth War turned against them, the Rilsavs changed sides and made an alliance with the Kingdom of Iskandar to avoid complete destruction. Today, many Vaas locals still feel this was an act of betrayal. In any event, the treaty with the Iskari saved Rilsavar from the terrible fate of Karthis.

Destruction During the Wars of Destiny

The House of Rilsav was extinguished in the year 15/5, when Casperian; the last King of Rilsavar, was slain by Erin Fremantle at the Battle of Axbridge.

That climactic battle ended the Wars of Destiny and paved the way for the formation of the Kingdom of Erindar.