House Taskerhill

The House of Taskerhill is a wealthy, aristocratic Ralani family, which traces its lineage back to the Founders of Caldera, over seven centuries ago.

Bryon Taskerhill was one of five companions who aided Surabar the Spellmason in the defeat of the Demon-Lord Nabthatoron and paved the way for the founding of their city.

House Taskerhill Today

The Taskerhills are widely renowned for their charm, courtesy, and generosity toward the lower classes, making the family extremely popular in even the poorest segments of Calderan society.

Only those who are allowed to get very close to members of this family realize that, underneath their patina of warm kindness, its members tend to be somewhat arrogant and calculating.

In addition to local mines and plantations, the Taskerhill family also has substantial holdings in the city of Sasserine. The Sasserine branch of the family owns a massive lumber mill, which provids them with enormous wealth. That branch of the family is led by Andros' older brother Kalmadar.

The Taskerhill family crest is a leaping golden stag on a green field.

Current members of the Taskerhill family include: