House of Tercival

The House of Tercival is a wealthy, aristocratic Ralani family which traces its lineage back to the Founders of Caldera, over seven centuries ago.

It is well-known that Kristof Tercival, a courageous and pious knight, was one of Surabar the Spellmason's original five companions on the quest to found Redgorge. Tragically, he was slain in the final battle against the Demon-Lord Nabthatoron.

House Tercival Today

The Tercivals are pious and loyal to a fault, with a strong tradition of self-sacrifice, dating back to the battle of the Demonskar, when Kristof Tercival died in order to save Surabar from Nabthatoron.

Kristof's younger brother then made a pledge, in honor of his father, in which the first-born male of every succeesive generation would become a paladin-knight of Berevrom. Although, over the years, some Taskerhills have instead chosen Ator or Etahr as their patron.

Members of the family who do not become paladins or clerics, have instead worked within the network of the upper classes, campaigning for reforms and benefits to help the poorest and neediest residents of Caldera.

Another important family tradition is that, unlike the other founding families, the Tercivals have always avoided city politics.

The Tercival family crest is golden sword and cudgel on a white field.

Current members of the Tercival family include:

  • Lord Alaric Tercival; paladin, knight of Berevrom
  • Lady Martia Tercival; head of the household