House Vanderboren

The House of Vanderboren is a wealthy, aristocratic Ralani family, which traces its lineage back to the Founders of Caldera, over seven centuries ago.

Lavinia the Bard was one of five companions who accompanied Surabar the Spellmason on his heroic quest to defeat the Demon-Lord Nabthatoron and paved the way for the founding of their city.

House Vanderboren Today

The Vanderborens are shrewd, enterprising, and utterly self-absorbed. Unlike the Taskerhills, who publically demonstrate compassion for Caldera's common folk, the Vanderborens appear to hold them in disdain. As a result, the family is often viewed as aloof by locals and even by the city's other noble families.

The family's most redeeming virtue, in the eyes of most people, is their brutal honesty; even if family members often seem incapable of warmth or empathy. However, on the rare occasions that someone earns the friendship of a Vanderboren, they will loyally honor that friendship for life. On the other hand, this family has also been known to bear grudges, sometimes for generations, and can make dangerous enemies.

Unlike other Calderan nobles, the Vanderboren family also has substantial holdings in Shard, Sasserine, and Farshore.

Prominent members of the Vanderboren family:

  • Lady Inara Vanderboren; Tobias' mother
  • Vanthus Vanderboren; Loren's nephew, missing since the death of his parents a few months ago.