House of Vanderboren

The House of Vanderboren; a wealthy, aristocratic Ralani family, can trace their lineage back to the Founders of Caldera, over seven centuries ago. The Vanderborens claim to have had ancestors present who aided Surabar the Spellmason in the defeat of the Demon-Lord Nabthatoron and paved the way for the founding of their city. One of Surabar's original five companions was the famous Bard and legendary heroine; Lavinia Vanderboren.

House Vanderboren Today

The Vanderborens are shrewd, enterprising, and utterly self-absorbed. Unlike the Taskerhills, who radiate compassion and grace, the Vanderborens make no attempt to hide their disdain for the common people, nor of other nobles, for that matter. The family is seen as aloof by locals and even other noble families. Their redeeming virtue (to some people's eyes) is in their brutal honesty; some are practically incapable of warmth toward outsiders. On the rare occasion that someone earns their friendship, they devote themselves unfailingly, and for life. On the other hand, they also know how to bear a grudge, sometimes for generations. Unlike some of the other Caldera nobles, the Vanderborens also have substantial holdings in Redgorge, Sasserine, and Farshore.


Current members of the Vanderboren family include:

  • Lord Loren Vanderboren; Tobias' father, head of the household
  • Lady Inara Vanderboren; Tobias' mother
  • Tobias Vanderboren; Loren's eldest son
  • Verik Vanderboren; Loren's brother, who heads up family interests in neighboring Sasserine. (married Larissa Iomundi; both now deceased)
  • Lavinia Vanderboren; Loren's niece, who works for the family interests in Sasserine and Farshore.