House Rules

For Gaming in the CORWYN Setting, the following House rules are in effect;

  • Arcane Magic: Corwyn is intended to be a “low magic” setting. As such, the ability to study the arcane arts are tightly controlled. This does not impact sorcerers, who wield magic as a natural ability, but it directly impacts wizards, who have to study to learn spells. As a result, many spells are simply not available for purchase, or may cost additional amounts. At higher levels, PCs are often be confronted by members of the Veiled Society, who rigidly control the use of magic on Corwyn. SPECIAL RULE: to ease complexity, the material substance requirements for spell-use are not employed in this setting.
  • Class & Race Restrictions: Because of historical events, specific to the CORWYN game setting, No gnomes are allowed as a player class. Additionally, dwarves are not allowed to be wizards or sorcerers.
  • Critical Hits & Fumbles: Any die roll resulting in natural 20 is a critical threat, which is then confirmed by a hit on the target after a second roll. After establishing a critical hit, consult the Weapons Damage Table for the weapon used; it will usually be 2x or 3x damage. Any die roll resulting in natural 1 is a fumble threat, which is then confirmed by a miss on the target after a second roll. A critical fumble results in the player losing a turn, as she recovers from her fumbled attempt.
  • Death and Dying: When any PC reaches zero hit points, she is down and unconscious. When a character reaches negative hit points, she is dying, and when she reaches -10, she is DEAD. A stabilization check may be made every round until stable or dead. To make a stabilization check, the player rolls d%. A result equal to or less than the character's Constitution score means the character is stable. She remains at her current negative HPs until healed, but does not continue losing 1hp/round. Another PC may attempt to stabilize a dying character, if she has points in healing and makes a DC 15 heal check. Such an attempt is a full round action.
  • Healing rolls: When a PC casts a cure spell or drinks a healing potion, a D8 is rolled to determine how many HPs are recovered, at the DM's discretion any natural "1" can be re-rolled for a better result.
  • Levelling Up: When a PC levels up, he or she will roll the appropriate die to determine additional HPs. At the DM's discretion any natural "1" can be re-rolled for a better result.
  • Recovering Projectiles: Whether a projectile strikes its mark or not, there is a chance that it may not be usable again, either due to damage or inability to find it. If a player wishes to recover projectiles, he should make a d% with a 50% chance of recovery for each item. This must be stated or it is assumed that the character did not bother to recover the projectiles.
  • Rolling up New Characters: All players roll 4D6 six times, discarding the lowest of the four die rolls. Then, the player adds up the six scores and arranges them as she see fit to each of her six abilities.
  • RULE ZERO: The Dungeon Master can override any other rule in the interest of a good story and having fun. This rule supersedes every other rule. We are mature adults, friends and even business associates. We have played together for years and we have played separately for many more years. We know the basic rules and we know the spirit of the rules even better. Sometimes there’s just that situation where you know there must be a rule to cover the situation, but it is in the better interest of the game to “make it up” and check it out later than stop and search through books. Or, for a story element, something just doesn’t work, or it just happens or whatever, regardless of rules or dice rolls. Simply, if you don’t like a DM call, just trust that your friend has something fun and fair in mind. Either he’s saving your @$$ so the game can continue, or he’s making it a little extra tuff for fun’s sake. Either way, you aren’t being cheated. Note that this does not mean that the DM is always right. As such, the DM may change his mind later, and even retroactively, as necessary. Just keep the faith that it’s all for the good and nobody is “out to get you.” Relax, and enjoy the game!!