(population: 11,500) Hüertgen is a seaport located on the Frozen Coast.

This large settlement is a crucial trade center and one of few mixed communities of dwarves and men in northern Corwyn.

Hüertgen's success is largely based upon the friendship between the Vaas peoples and the Khurylan.

The town is well fortified because of the constant threat of raids from Variags from the Thalar Islands. In the past, the town has suffered many attacks from those raiders aboard their dragon-ships.

The city is located in northern Orrek; where the Frozen Coast of the Sea of Vaas. meet the base of the Swordpoint Mountains.

The seaport is also accessible via the High Road running east thru Frostfang Pass to the dwarven capital of Crôm Feyr and west across Wayfair Bridge to the human city of Donareth.