The Hüornen

(pronounced Your-nan) The Hüornen; also commonly called; Snow Barbarians, are one of the five Clans of the Thalari race, who reside in the arctic Northern Wastes and the Thalar Islands.

The Hüornen are fiercely independent from the kingdom of Marundi, and there is much hatred between the two groups. Ever since a disastrous war two centuries ago, the Hüornen have been at the mercy of the vengeful Marundians. The Hüornen eek out a living in the frozen tundra of the Northern Wastes and the northern regions of the Khorlann Steppes.

Due to the fact Hüornen men and women dress mostly in furs and seal pelts; they have the derisive nick-name of ‘Sealskins.’ Many of them are nomadic and travel from season to season, depending on climate conditions and availability of food. The Hüornen are similar in appearance, coloring, and speech to the Thalari people of Marundi, but their cultural differences are stark.

There is also a darker and far more violent group of these northern peoples; the Variags of the Thalar Islands, who use dragon-carved longships to raid northern settlements of Cyrendar, Derianor, Orrek, and Marundi.

Role-Playing Guidelines: +1 constitution, -1 Dexterity, +2 bonus against cold and cold-weather effects, suffer -2 penalty in warm or hot climates on all ability\skill checks\attacks.