Human Ethnic Groups

The World of Oris has many distinct human ethnicities;

Adari: Originally from Corwyn

Aeryn: Originally from Corwyn

Amari: Originally from Corwyn

Cynarans: Originally from Cynara; these red-haired pale skinned folk founded Urland, one of the earliest kingdoms on Corwyn. They were eventually conquered and assimilated into Iskari culture after the migration.

Daroon: Originally from Far East Corwyn; these folk founded tow great civilizations; Kurand and Yamada.

Eloysians: Originally from Avokhar; these copper-skinned folk established the great Eloysian Empire that controlled the entire continent of Avokhar for 2,000 years. After the Empire fell, the Eloysians broke into several competing city-states spread throughout the continent.

Hakeen: Originally from Za'har, these people once founded a great empire on Za'har called Old Xhola, then expanded across the Vhan Myr establishing three powerful island realms of Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr. Eventually, the Hakeen sailed to east Corwyn, and founded the Xholar Empire there. That empire was destroyed by the √úthrari. Today all that remains of Hakeen culture on the continent is the eastern seaport of Zhin.

Iskari: Originally from Iskandar; these pale skinned folk migrated to Corwyn in the late Third Age after the Doom of Iskandar.

Kratheri: Originally from Za'har, these reddish-skin people fled from the horrors of the Deskari and migrated to eastern Corwyn, where they were eventually enslaved by Thannish colonists from Eldara.

Kunda: Originally from Avokhar, these dark-skinned folk were enslaved by the Serpent-folk of Nagendra and almost completely eradicated. Now the remaining secluded tribes live deep in the Sanjaara Jungle.


Ralani: Originally from southern Corwyn; these olive-skinned sea-faring people founded Asgamoth; one of the earliest human kingdoms. They later founded Ralas, one of the wealthiests of the ancient lost kingdoms of Corwyn. today the Ralani are found commonly in the kingdoms of Kendar, Rennsfar, and Serathyr.



Thalari: Originally from far northern Corwyn

Thann: Originally from the Heartlands region of Corwyn

√úthrari: Originally from eastern Corwyn

Vaas: Originally from northwest Corwyn

Vilzari: Originally from far southern Corwyn, these dark-skinned people evolved from the Shorafi race