The Icelands

The Icelands was once a central part of the great far northern kingdom of Thalar, but today this region is barren, cold, and stricken with poverty.

Most of this region encompasses the kingdom of Marundi. On the fringes are small, scattered settlements of men and dwarves, who live in fear of both raiders from the Northern Wastes and raiders sent by the King in Derilath. The easiest distinction between the Icelands and the Northern Wastes, is that only scattered migratory Hüornen barbarian tribes dwell in the Northern Wastes, whereas the Icelands contains the kingdom of Marundi as well as many small settlements and hamlets. The Icelands are bordered on the east by the Sea of Adar, on the West by the Myr Thalal, on the south by the Northlands region, and on the north by the Northern Wastes.