The Iceway

The Iceway is a seldom-used road that runs north along the eastern coast of the Northern Peninsula, from the Marundian village of Kren’s Crossing to the ruined city of El-Gerath and further east to the ruined fortress of Sol-Kathad.

The road was built by the kingdom of Thalar in the early Fourth Age and completely paved with black cinders, but is now in complete disrepair. There is hardly any use of the road because both the ancient city of El-Gerath and the fortress of Sol-Kathad are thought to be abandoned and the areas leading up to it are infested with Hüornen warbands, terrible Ice Wraiths, and other hostile arctic creatures. Only a few small fishing villages and ice-cutting settlements use the far southern segments of the road to travel to and from Kren’s Crossing.