King Ikharos Blackburn

King Ikharos was the first monarch from the Blackburn Dynasty of Cyrendar.

Ikharos is best known as the Iskari ruler who re-united the fractured kingdom of Cyrendar after a series of military victories in the Iskari Civil War.

In the year 1087/4, Ikharos eventually succeeded King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II, after he was poisoned in 1068/4 and his Dynasty ended. But before Ikharos could sit on the Onyx Throne, he was forced to fight a bloody, twenty-year war against three rebellious noble factions; Duke Teraxas Strongfist of Cynara, Duke Varek Bracken of Hennara, and Duke Kalfus Mandrake of Varia.

Legend has it; after an epic quest, Ikharos recovered Foehammer; the lost Melanthir sword of Ilnavel Cyrenäe. Once Ikharos re-claimed the sword, he was destined to become king of Cyrendar. Wielding the Melanthir, along with the fact that Ikharos was a brilliant war-leader, made his victory over his rivals inevitable.

Ikharos grew up as an Iskari Baron in the House of Blackburn.

Today, Ikharos is considered among the greatest of Iskari heroes.