King Ikharos Blackburn

King Ikharos was the first monarch of the Blackburn Dynasty and the ruler who re-united the fractured kingdom of Cyrendar after a series of military victories in the Iskari Civil War.

In the year 1087/4, Ikharos eventually succeeded King Ilcanar II, after he was poisoned in 1068/4 and his Dynasty ended. But before Ikharos could sit on the Onyx Throne, he was forced to fight a bloody, twenty-year war against three rebellious noble factions; Duke Teraxas Strongfist of Cynara, Duke Varek Bracken of Hennara, and Duke Kalfus Mandrake of Varia.

Legend has it, that Ikharos found the lost Melanthir sword of Ilnavel Cyrenäe, after an epic quest. Once Ikharos found the sword, he was destined to become king of Cyrendar. Wielding the Melanthir, along with the fact that Ikharos was a brilliant war-leader, made his victory over his rivals inevitable.

Ikharos grew up as an Iskari Baron in the House of Blackburn.

Today, Ikharos is considered among the greatest of Iskari heroes.