King Ikharos Ketharë

Powerful Iskari noble who, in 1087/4, managed to conquer three rival Iskari noble factions and proclaim himself king of a re-united Cyrendar, after the twenty bloody years of the Iskari Civil War. Legend says that Ikharos found the lost Melanthir sword of Ilnavel Cyrenäe, and once he wielded it, he was destined to become king of Cyrendar. Ikharos was a brilliant war-leader and warrior, and managed to defeat all three of his rivals; Duke Teraxas Strongfist of Cynara, Duke Varek Bracken of Hennara, and Duke Kalfus Mandrake of Varia.

Ikharos was the first monarch of the Ketharë Dynasty and is considered among the greatest of Iskari heroes. He grew up as a minor noble lord in the Barony of Kethar, thus his noble family name is Ketharë; meaning "Hailing from Kethar" in elvish.